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Through the production of innovative art projects, we use visual storytelling to help charities and non-profits engage with new donors, raise awareness for their cause, and funds for their programs and services.


Working at the intersections between corporate citizenship, charitable organizations, and artists, we add value to campaigns that matter to you. 

​We incorporated as a non-profit in May 2018, based around the belief that art can be used as a tool to showcase our shared humanity. We believe that art should be accessible to all, and for this reason, our work exists primarily in the public sphere. 

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Megan kee

director & founder

Megan Kee founded Twentytwenty Arts in May 2018 with almost a decade of experience in producing art exhibitions and projects under her belt. With a BFA in Criticism and Curatorial Practice at OCAD University in Toronto and an MA with distinction in Museum and Gallery Studies at Kingston University in the UK, Megan wanted to find a way to use art to change the world (or at least Toronto). 



Stella Melchiori has worked in the Toronto arts community since 2012. With an MA in Art History and a Curatorial Management Diploma from York University, Stella has extensive experience curating exhibitions including: Japan Foundation Toronto, p|m Gallery, York University Special Projects Gallery, Gales Gallery, Gallery 918, and Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts. She brings extensive project and event management experience to Twentytwenty Arts.



Katherine Valenzuela has a degree in Design from Concordia University and has spent years working on her craft as a graphic designer and illustrator. Professionally, she works across a diverse array of sectors and industries, creating impactful solutions while leveraging existing technologies. In her spare time, she volunteers and thinks about ways she can create socially engaged work.

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Greenwin Corp.

Kris Boyce

La Fondation Emmanuelle Gattuso

Sara Angel

Elena Shimanski

Stefanie Zuccarini

Dylan Kreppner

Christina Wingate

Nancy Purcell

Linda McQuaig

Michelle Nunes + Edrik B.

Bryan Pohland

Delanie Sanginesi
Nina Peacock

Gladys Garcia

Richard Mongiat

Melissa Hernandez

Tea Hastings

Andre Kee

Kelly McKenzie

Elyse Dalgleish

Emily Lawrence

Madeleine Werker


Sandra Ferguson

Susan Friedman

Michael James

Janice Lindsay

Martti Minkkinen

Deborah Black

Marianne McKenzie

Kristen McKenzie

Eve Marie Badger

Kyle Kee

Johanna Kee





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