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Weathered was a digital photography exhibition + fundraising campaign for Overdose Awareness Day (August 31st, 2020) that raised awareness for overdose death and over $10,000 for Street Health's life-saving Overdose Prevention Site.

Overdose Prevention Sites save lives.

They have been statistically shown to: reduce the number of fatal drug overdoses in a community, reduce the cost of health care services + connect those struggling with vital health and social services. Despite this need, Street Health’s OPS lost provincial funding in March 2019.


Street Health serves a ‘hot spot’ overdose neighbourhood in Toronto + urgently needs community support to continue operation.




Andrew Krystal

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Muriel Draaisma


Joanna Lavoie

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Jen McNeely

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Andrew Krystal

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Joanna Lavoie

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Street Health’s Overdose Prevention Site (OPS) opened in June 2018 as a response to the increased level of overdoses in Toronto's Sherbourne + Dundas area.

In March 2019, the Ontario Government abruptly ended funding for Street Health's OPS, even as spikes in overdoses have been a regular occurrence due to the poisoned street drug supply. Fortunately, community donors have supported the continued operation of the OPS since this defunding.


Street Health continues to explore every option because the need has not stopped. In 2019/20 the OPS supported over 3,000 client visits and reversed over 50 overdoses. This site is a resource for the community with over 600 referrals to other healthcare services being made annually, a vital support to those who rely on this service.

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“Age, gender, culture or creed – addiction doesn’t discriminate. Greenwin is proud to support Twentytwenty Arts as they honour the memory of those lost to drug addiction and continue to fight against this devastating disease.”

- Kris Boyce

CEO Greenwin Corp.


Families that have lost loved ones to an overdose submitted photographs of their loved ones shoes, favourite items + mementos. Their heartfelt submissions, images + stories showcase the emotional toll that the overdose crisis has had on the thousands of families that have been impacted.

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Jessica Okonski is a Toronto-based photographer, and the artistic lead and mentor for the Weathered campaign.

Before COVID-19, Weathered was a public photography exhibition at Nathan Phillips Square, set to showcase 36 photographs produced by Jessica Okonski. These photographs were going to be a collaboration between the artist and families who had lost loved ones to an overdose.

In spite of COVID-19 restrictions, Jessica Okonski took select photographs for Weathered, produced the PDF 'How-to Photography Guide' for participants, produced the campaign video, and provided mentorship support to participants.

Jessica Okonski is a Toronto-based photographer specializing in lifestyle, portraiture and conceptual imagery. Jessica’s work often revolves around feelings of isolation and associated mental health, where she often omits or hides the subjects face to draw the viewer deeper into the narrative.



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