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10 LGBTQ+ Charities to Support in Canada

June is not only a time to enjoy the long-awaited summer weather and beaches, it is also a time to celebrate the accomplishments and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community.

Learning about LGBTQ+ community, seeing LGBTQ+ flags and symbols on the streets, and––most importantly––watching people embrace who they are and letting the world know brings genuinely inspiring, beautiful, and uniting feelings.

When June begins, people and businesses create rainbow profile pictures, place LGBTQ+ community symbols on walls, and get involved in events and festivities. While walking down the streets of Toronto and watching them become enveloped in rainbow colours, I am thinking about the importance of the long-lasting impact of these symbols and Pride events. For example, we are all looking forward to the concerts, festival weekends, and of course, the famous Toronto Pride Parade 2022 on June 26th. We celebrate, support, and stand with queer communities. But what about caring beyond this one-month window?


Charity is one of many tools for providing long-lasting support, impact, and meaningful contribution to the LGBTQ+ community. When June is over and the rainbow flags disappear, LGBTQ+ people continue to need our support––imagine the significance that making a beyond-one-month impact by contributing to LGBTQ+ charities could make.

Without diminishing the festivities of Pride Month, supporting LGBTQ+ charities through donations and volunteering holds an even greater power in creating lasting change. But what is lasting change?

1. Rainbow Railroad

Lasting change can be a donation that supports the Rainbow Railroad charity, which supports LGBTQ+ people escaping state-sponsored violence. This incredible charity provides emergency travel to LGBTQ+ people facing imminent danger in their home countries, develops educational programming, arranges for the private sponsorship of refugees, and more!

To learn more and contribute to lifesaving support please click here.

2. The 519

*Look at this amazing graffiti! Ahhh!*

For the 519, lasting change is created through the advocation and inclusion of LGBTQ communities through organizing space for counselling sessions (for free!), sharing free queer parenting resources, providing support for queer seniors, and designing personal development programs and events by and for the queer community!

Donating makes these services more accessible to those who need them most. Learn more about The 519 and donate here.

3. Outsport

Are you into sports? Then this non-profit might be one to consider supporting!

OutSport Toronto serves and supports LGBT amateur sport and recreation organizations and athletes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) by: encouraging health, healthy living, wellness and well-being through participation in sport and recreation within the LGBT community; facilitating interaction and communication amongst member LGBT sport organizations; providing opportunities for learning and mentoring; and effectively advocating to external parties.

You can donate directly to OutSport Toronto here.

4. The ArQuives

If you ever thought that archives are boring, look at The ArQuives and think again! This archive acquires, preserves, organizes, and gives the public access to information and materials in any medium by and about LGBTQ2+ people in Canada. How cool is that? Learn more here!

5. Buddies in Bad Times

More artistic expression, more lights, and more spoken stories! Located in Toronto, Buddies in Bad Times is the largest and longest-running queer theatre globally. How do they support LGBTQ+ artists? They organize residency programs, emerging artists awards, and community conversations. It is to support the LGBTQ+ community in the arts, specifically theatre! Donate and learn more here!

6. Inside Out

Have you heard of the Inside Out Film Festival in Toronto? It is organized by a registered charity that advocates for the promotion, production, and exhibition of films made by and about 2SLGBTQ+ people of all ages, races, and abilities. Donating to this charity means supporting the festival and programming, including free access to 2SLGBTQ+ media resources, educational and professional programming, and more!

7. Glad Day Bookshop

For all bookworms out there, this one is for you! Glad Day Bookshop supports LGBTQ+ writers and artists by paying them for participation in panels, readings, and presenting their work at events. This charity accepts donations on a regular basis, and right now, Glad Day is hosting the 5th Emergency Survival Fund for LGBTQ2S artists, performers, and tip-based workers, with the goal to raise $25,000 and provide grants before December 30th, 2022! Any donations you make will help this dream come true.

8. Artists Mentoring Youth [The AMY Project]

Spring Theatre Creation Program, Summer Performance Intensive, Film Training Program, Performance Creation Program, and more!

With the help from the community, The AMY Project creates and delivers programming in partnership with individuals and organizations across the Greater Toronto Area for young women and non-binary youth. What is unique about AMY? Just look at these productions, and nothing needs to be explained further!

Learn more about the goals and the donation processes at AMY here, and, who knows, maybe you will contribute to the success of new Lana and Lilly Wachowski!

9. Egale Canada

This LGBTQ+ charity focuses on promoting human rights and inclusion through research, education, awareness, and legal advocacy. It is not only about supporting the existing LGBTQ+ communities but also about creating a space to fight against homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia.

To support the fight, visit this page!


Pflag Canada is a national charitable organization, founded by parents who wished to help themselves and their family members understand and accept their LGBTQ2S children.

The “coming-out” process can be a critical time for families. When the adjustment period is particularly long or painful, relationships can become permanently damaged, resulting in a lifetime of emotional scars. People cannot always rise above the challenge of accepting themselves or their family members, and the results can be devastating, even fatal.

Donations can save lives. Learn more by visiting their website.


Do you have a charity you think deserves to be on this list? Send us an e-mail at with your suggestion.

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