Duncan C. McLean, "Subway Platform"

Duncan C. McLean, "Subway Platform"

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"Subway Platform", 2020; 11" x 14"; 50 limited edition, signed and numbered prints by Duncan C. McLean. 70% of all sales will be donated to the CMHA Toronto, the remaining 30% will be donated to Twentytwenty Arts. The artist has requested to not take a percentage of sales.


Duncan C. McLean is a Toronto-based digital artist: "In this image I am trying to give expression to the experience of feeling alone and isolated in the big city. When you’re confused and afraid, even the smallest obstacle can be overwhelming. Mind The Gap. Stand Back. Do Not Block The Doorway. Every instruction seems to have a doublemeaning. The beautiful capital letters incised into the tiles of the station wall becomethreatening, unknowable. They might as well be written in the language of another planet."





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