Seri Stinson, "Agoraphobia"

Seri Stinson, "Agoraphobia"

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"Agoraphobia", 2020; 11" x 14"; 50 limited edition, signed and numbered prints by Seri-Stinson. 30% of all sales will be donated to Twentytwenty Arts, 35% will be donated to the 519, and 35% will be paid to the artist.


Seri Stinson is a Toronto-based artist: "Agoraphobia means the fear of going outside. I’ve always had an intense fear of social situations; crowds lines, talking to strangers and Covid has heightened it significantly. When making this piece I was in a state where I was terrified to go outside. Being cooped up inside my apartment did little to help my mental health so I was trapped in a cycle of wanting to go outside but being afraid of getting sick. The process of making this piece was cathartic for me, taking all the stress and frustration of being trapped inside and turning it into art was very healing. I chose bright, overwhelming colours to make the viewer empathize with what I was feeling."



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