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The Twentytwenty Arts store is a digital platform where artists can sell their work and support a charitable cause at the same time. We started officially accepting artwork submissions on Monday, May 24th, 2021.

The Twentytwenty Arts store lies between a for-profit and non-profit model. Every work sold supports a local artist and donates a percentage of sales to their selected charitable organization. 

30% of every work sold will be donated to Twentytwenty Arts*, and the remaining 70% will be split between the artist and a charity of their choosing. 

More about submissions.

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Submissions will only be accepted starting Monday, May 24th, 2021. If you're interested in selling your work in the Twentytwenty Arts store, please read the following submission guidelines, and send the following to

Contact information: Name, phone number, e-mail address

Artwork: Please only submit links of relevant works for consideration; links include personal websites/Google Drive/Dropbox (we will not accept or reply to e-mails with attachments). 
Charity: The charity(s) you're interested in supporting; if you do not have an organization in mind, please disclose this in your e-mail

Links: Any relevant links to previous or existing bodies of work (social media, online portfolio, recent projects, articles, etc.)

Reason: Why you'd like to sell your artwork in the Twentytwenty Arts store.

Your submission will not be shared, published, or promoted without your explicit consent. Submissions will be reviewed on a bi-monthly basis.

Submission Guidelins
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"I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to show my work to a large audience while at the same time supporting such a worthy cause!"

DUNCAN C. MCLEAN Toronto-based artist (2020-21 Life on the Line participant)


If I submit, is my artwork guaranteed to be selected?

While we deeply appreciate every artist that considers selling their work in our store, we cannot guarantee that every submission will be successful. The Twentytwenty Arts Store will be a curated selection of work* due to limited operational capacity. All submissions will be placed on file for up to a year for potential inclusion in upcoming events/launches.

Will the artist be responsible for shipping?

It depends on the artwork medium, size and location. No matter how complicated, we will work directly with artists to coordinate shipping and logistics.

*How will my artwork be judged?

Artwork will be judged according to: concept, execution, and aesthetics. While every artwork is subjective, our focus will primarily be on works that explore the complexity of the human condition as it relates to mental health, homelessness, or addiction. 

Concept: Is the idea/emotion being conveyed clearly?

Execution: Is there a degree of mastery/skill in the medium(s) the artist is using?

Aesthetics: Is there a sense of balance, harmony, and movement within the composition?

Do you accept artwork in any medium? What about original works?

Right now, only artwork created in a visual medium will be accepted. We encourage the submission of original works.

Does the charity have to be related to mental health, homelessness, or addiction?

While these social issues are our primary organizational focus, we want artists to choose charities that they feel passionate about. 

Why is 30% being donated to Twentytwenty Arts?

30% of all sales are being donated to Twentytwenty Arts to help us increase our capacity to help other non-profits (see 'The Wishlist' section of our Charities/Non-Profits to learn more), promote the sale of the artist's work, support ongoing operational costs and the production of educational content.

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